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Wiedza - SPD - zabezpieczenia przepięciowe
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Pomógł: 54 razy
Dołączył: 24 Kwi 2007
Posty: 263
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Wysłany: 20-06-08, 20:44   Wiedza - SPD - zabezpieczenia przepięciowe

Surge Protection in Low-Voltage AC Power Circuits
An 8-part Anthology- Foreword, Overview, Hyperlinks
Dużo czytania. Po angielsku, ale warto przejrzeć nawet nie znając tego języka.
Realia amerykańskie (120V), ale zasady te same na 230V.
Tu jest katalog, kto może niech korzysta i powie innym, zanim wyłączą...
Uczestnik forum

Pomógł: 54 razy
Dołączył: 24 Kwi 2007
Posty: 263
Skąd: maz owieckie
Wysłany: 24-07-14, 23:06   

Aktualny (07-2014) link

Surge Protection in Low-Voltage AC Power Circuits: An 8-part Anthology
Foreword, Overview, and Hyperlinks


This on-line Anthology is a compilation of papers on the subject of surge protection that were written and published over the period 1963-2003 in the pursuit of transients and surge protection. These papers include reports of original research as well as (sometimes repetitive) tutorials, presented at several forums held in North America and Western Europe, aimed at building international consensus on the development of technically-sound and cost-effective standards. Some of these papers might by now be difficult to obtain in hard copy, and in some cases might be obsolete but still can serve to provide perspective on the evolution of the process, or to allow revisiting unanswered questions or unquestioned answers.

This on-line Anthology was made possible thanks to the support of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the gracious release from the copyright holders for reproducing these papers. Several members of the IEEE Surge-Protective Devices Committee encouraged the project, making useful suggestions. Many of these papers were made possible thanks to the contributions of co-authors. Very special thanks go to Ilse Putman for carefully converting old and yellowing papers into 21st Century electronic files, and to Katherine Green and Erik Secula for their patience and skill in installing interlinks and posting these files on the NIST Quantum Measurement Division website. All of this support and these contributions are gratefully acknowledged.


This on-line Anthology has been structured in eight parts to enable you to narrow your search toward the specific category of surge protection concerns in which you are interested. Because some of the papers address more than one category, you will find them listed in more than one part. The headings shown to the right are hyperlinks that enable you to go directly from this Overview to a launch page for each Part, where you can find further detailed hints on how to browse that part:

A file containing the text of all the papers of that part, which you can use for a word search
A file giving citations for papers by other researchers, which you can search for subject, authors, and titles
A file containing pdf files of all the papers of that part, with thumbnails and bookmarks (no word search)
A list of links to individual papers listed in chronological order (no word search within the papers)

Można wpisać np. SPD w wyszukiwarkę wewnętrzną na stronie - ; wiele wyników jest plikami PDF.
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